Mar 262010
Arcturus’ First Trivia Contest

Stynger’s notes: Thank you for participating!  I had a lot of fun creating the contest, and hope you enjoyed hunting down the answers.  You all did very well.  Of the 14 questions, all respondents got between 10 and 14 questions correct.

First: The Answers!

  • Name the Warlock toon name of the Guild Founder. –> Malebolge
  • When was Arcturus formed? –> August 14, 2005. Try /guildinfo next time you’re online!
  • What is Stynger’s RL first name?  What is his favorite sport? –> George/Hockey.  Okay, this question was too easy.
  • Who is the most recent addition to the Officer Corps? –> Vicsage
  • What was the old guild bank toon name?  (There are two acceptable answers to this question, one will suffice) –> Zynger.  If you were REALLY old school, you may have remembered Arcvault.
  • What Burning Crusade enchant was Arcturus famous for having before most, if not all other Horde guilds on Suramar? –> Soulfrost.  When we got this, we were told we were the first on the Horde side.  It took awhile for someone else to get it at all.  Selcouth linked it to a friend, and he immediately started a rumor that he was the one who got it, so for months, people he didn’t know whispered him looking for it.  Good times!
  • Name at least 5 of the married or involved couples in Arcturus, past or present.  There is not a bonus for naming more , but feel free Smiley –> Sooooooo many!  I’d be surprised if any of you had gotten this wrong.
  • What TIME ZONE does Stynger/Jaedah raid from? –> Eastern (Columbus, OH)
  • What TIME ZONE does Jaderogue/Pouncer raid from? –> Pacific (Washington State)
  • What was the DKP-based Loot System called in Arcturus? –> AMP (Arcturus Merit Points)
  • Where did the name Arcturus come from? –> It is a star.  Sic Itur Ad Astra
  • What class did Vladdracuul play as his main in Burning Crusade? –> Mage
  • What class did Zerodeeps die in Gruul’s Lair on play as his main in Burning Crusade? –> Shaman
  • Who is Veru?  –> Many awesome answers to this one. Catie is a DPS Warrior that was always fun to have in your party/raid.  We (Okay, Stynger) called her munchkin, gave her pally loot, and yes, Sanguinne, we even one night called her Amber.

Honorable Mentions:

  • My favorite honorable mention answers.  There was no criteria to their selection, they just made me chuckle in some way. A bonus prize of 100g goes to each of the authors.
  • When was Arcturus formed? well the forums started 2007! (Vannacuss)
  • Name at least 5 of the married or involved couples in Arcturus, past or present.  There is not a bonus for naming more , but feel free Grok/Aurane, Nin/Jade, Vic/Ghira, Mist/Sang, Stynger/Jaedah, Kaz/Fatal, Tyng/Katahl, Draxx/Variam, Beven/Scatter, Info/Tequila  (Grokmar)
  • Who is Veru?  Veru is a lvl 80 Female Undead Warrior main. According to the game he is still member status though not having been logged into the game for 8 months. My guess is hes an IRL friend to an officer, perhaps he is military. (Khaotika)
  • Legends are not clear as to whether this teenaged girl was really a warrior or indeed a paladin at heart…she so loved the pally gear that began dropping in Burning Crusade that she soon had the highest spellpower buff of any warrior in Azeroth.  Gratz Veru.  Veru’s probably about 16 now.  Was her real name Amber?  I think so…. (Sanguinne)

The Results!

  • There was a four-way tie for first place!
  • We actually did have Timmy pick the winner. The four names were written on pieces of paper and shuffled.  We placed the shuffled pieces of paper on the floor, and put a treat on each one. Timmy’s first choice picked the winner.
  • The runners up are:  Grokmar, Pouncer, and Aurane!
  • Congratulations to our grand prize winner(3000 gold):  Zerodeeps!
  • Our runners up will each receive 100 gold each.
  • Please see Stynger to collect your prizes.  Congratulations!