Nov 292011


Arcturus dove headlong into the Dragon Soul instance tonight, and managed to decimate the first two bosses. The rocky colossus, Morchok, went down so quickly we forgot to get a screenshot! Warlord Gonzo, on the other hand, took a few more pulls. After wipes at 20%, 5%, and the dreaded 1%, we sent him packing!

yes I know his name is zon'ozz

Nov 072011

Killed: Shannox (H) – Beth’tilac (H) – Rhyolith(H) – Baleroc (H) – Alysrazor (H) – Majordomo(H) – Ragnaros

Progressing on: Ragnaros H!

Dragonwrath Status: Sanguinne [25/25 Eternal Embers] [1000/1000 Seething Cinders] [84/250 Siphoned Essences]